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In Urdu, the ghazal was originally a form of written or spoken poetry. However, the ghazal is also popular as a musical form.

Vision of India-through the world of stamps (Times of India, 15.08.2001)

Baroda spawns a legion namesake (Times of India, 08.09.2001)

Stamps to taste, smell, touch, hear and learn from (Times of India, 22.10.2001)

Extreme philatelia (Live Mint - 11th February 2011)

Thematic Collection by Prashant Pandya (Gujarati) (Divya Bhaskar (Gujarati) - 4th May 2014) | (વિષય આધારિત સ્ટેમ્પ્સનું કલેક્શન ધરાવતા પ્રશાંત પંડયા)